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DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline – The Best Way To Spend Your Gold

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Gold is the premium currency that is available in Dead Target: Zombie Offline. It offers a variety of uses that are valuable and can help you in playing the game. You must take advantage of all the additional help you can get since dealing with the zombie apocalypse on your own won’t be easy. But as the premium currency available, this also means that acquiring gold won’t be easy to come by.

You can choose to spend real money to acquire plenty of them, but that’s not advisable. There are ways to achieve them for free, but you will only earn a little, so you can’t expect to be gold-rich on this game from that method. This means that you have to be smart in spending your gold and only using them on essential items. This article will help you decide on what things you should use your gold on.


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What You Can Buy with Gold in Dead Target: Zombie Offline

Before discussing the best items to use your gold on, it’s important that you first know all of the things that you can purchase with gold. The first thing you can use your gold on is weapons. You can also buy them with the in-game Cash, but it will be easier to get them using gold since it will be cheaper. Aside from weapons, you can also use your gold to purchase weapon skins. Skins don’t only make your weapon appealing to look at, but it will also increase stats like more damage, extended magazine size, and so on.

You can also use your gold to purchase items like grenades and aid kits. Grenade is an important item that you can use if there are too many zombies, and you’re already surrounded. It will instantly kill them. The aid kit is the item you will need to replenish your health. And the last thing you can buy with gold are boosts, which you can use before starting a mission.


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Examples of boost that you can use are unlimited ammo, no reloading, +50% damage, and many more. Now that you know what you can buy with your gold let’s discuss what’s the best way to spend your gold.

Use them to Buy Items

The most important thing you can use your gold on is buying items like grenades and aid kit. These two items are very important in the game since an aid kit can replenish your health while grenades can instantly kill zombies, which is useful when you’re surrounded. You must always have at least 2 of each item to use in every mission.

Use Gold on Boosts

The second thing you need to use your gold on is boosts since this can help you in specific missions. It’s important to remember that not all gains are permanent, which means they are gone when you use them during tasks. So it would be best if you equipped them only when it’s needed. The best boosts to get is +50% Damage and Double Critical to making it easier to kill zombies. Permanent increases are significant to acquire, but they cost a lot of gold. No Reload is the best permanent boost to get, but it costs 9999 gold, so it will take a while to get it. Double Cash is also an excellent permanent boost, and it only costs 900 gold.

Purchase Some Weapon Skin

Weapon skins are the last thing you need to consider using your gold on. Skins provide added stats, which can eliminate the need for temporary boosts in specific missions. But it’s essential only to get the skins of the most powerful weapons that you will use. You don’t need to get skins of all guns, since this will quickly deplete your gold. Only get the skins of the powerful weapon that you will use regularly.

Truth be told, gold is not that easy to save in Dead Target: Zombie Offline, unless you’re going to spend cash. But with smart spending, you really won’t need a lot of gold. Just remember to use them on the important things mentioned above, and you’ll be able to survive and complete missions.