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DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline: How To Earn More Gold In The Game

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Dead Target – Zombie Offline is a fun and exciting first-person zombie shooting game to play. Your ultimate goal in this game is to shoot zombies and survive as you do your best to save humankind. But this goal won’t be easy since you will have to deal with the zombie apocalypse on your own. Also, the game offers various weapons, items, and boosts for you to acquire and use.

Acquiring weapons usually costs in-game cash or gold, but for items and boosts, you will need to use gold to get them. Now gold is the game’s premium currency and is used to acquire various things that can help you in the game. But as the premium currency, this also means that earning them is not going to be easy. If you want to get your hands on gold faster in Dead Target, you will need to spend real money and purchase them.

The game offers various deals that will allow you to get your hands on some gold. The prices aren’t high, which makes it even more enticing to spend money. But if you don’t want to spend real money, there are some ways to acquire gold for free. Read below to learn what you can do.


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Completing Quests & Achievements

The best way to earn gold for free is by completing the different quests and achievements that the game has to offer. Dead Target – Zombie  Offline offer many various quests for you to complete, and doing so will reward you with gold. So make sure you check out quests and achievements that are available and try to meet them all.

Play the Casino

Another great way to earn more gold for free in Dead Target – Zombie  Offline is by playing the slot machine. You get to earn various items, boosts, cash, and even gold. So you’ll win every time; you have to be lucky for the slot to land on gold. After using a free spin, there will be a cooldown period, which increases as you play the place. Make sure you play it whenever you can.


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Watch Videos 

You can also earn gold in Dead Target – Zombie Offline through watching videos. The game has several video ads that you can manage to earn some gold for free.

Complete Offers

Another way to earn free gold is by completing various offers that the game has. You have to be careful when completing offers since some of them might have hidden charges. These are likely the offers that require credit card details.

Dead Target: Zombie Offline: Final Thoughts

The ones mentioned above are the best and free way to earn more gold to use in the game. But the methods above won’t instantly make you gold-rich in the game. So you must save your gold and use them only on valuable and needed items or boosts. Weapons can be brought by cash, so make sure you use only money on them.